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Small Handmade Resin Flower Bowl - Hot Pink/Silver Glitters

  • $3000

Introducing our gorgeous and totally stunning small resin flower bowls. Crafted from a vintage crystal bowl these bespoke floral beauties are the perfect accessory for your kitchen or dresser. These little bowls are perfect for dips and antipasto or use it as a beautiful storage solution on your dresser or bathroom vanity. The points of the petals are perfect for hanging your hoop earrings just FYI! 

Resin is strong and durable, yet should be treated like a ceramic as it can break when dropped on knocked against a hard surface. 

 Care Instructions:

  • Our resin homewares are for the service and presentation of cold food only.
  • Do NOT use for storing food.
  • Do NOT use with hot food/liquids.
  • Do NOT place in dishwasher
  • Do NOT place in microwave
  • Wash with warm soapy water and rub them with cooking oil to keep their colours beautiful and shiny.
  • These items may stain so please do not use with dips or food that stains such as beetroot etc.
  • Colours and patterns will vary from item to item you may not received the exact item pictured but will receive a piece that is similar. 
  • These are handmade pieces.
  • each listing is for one item only unless specified 


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