• Workmans Goats Milk Soap

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    Our Workman's soap is the soap for the working man or woman. It is the perfect marriage of natural honey and real oats that makes this blend amazing. The natural honey helps to soften and sooth skin while the oats act as an abrasive to help get rid of dirt and grime. This blend is a perfect marriage of oatmeal, milk, and honey -- mellow, soothing, with just a hint of sweetness.


    Our Goats Milk soap bars are the combination of beautiful and silky soft texture with the added bonus of being beautifully scented. Goat milk products are known for their gentleness and moisturizing properties. If you have never tried goat milk as skin care, you'll notice the difference. Because of its beneficial proteins and fats in goat milk, you'll never be left with itchy or dry skin caused by harsh soaps when they strip away natural oils.


    If you have any questions regarding our soaps please find more information HERE or you can contact us for more information.

Workmans Goats Milk Soap

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