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Handmade Resin Planter - Pink/Yellow/Glitter

  • $4900

Are you a crazy plant lover who may have too many plants (if that is even possible)? Love a little bit of colour in your life? Have a thing for handmade and one of a kind pieces? Well then this beautiful planter is just right for you. Our large resin planter will be a stand out piece in your home. 

This planter has been made from resin and you should not plant your plants in directly rather plant you plants in a general plastic pot and place in your planter. The reason being that the planters may contain small pin hole sized holes that may leak when watered. This is due to the thin walls of the planter. 


 Care Instructions:

  • These are handmade pieces and may contain slight flaws this adds to the character and uniqueness of the piece.
  • Resin is strong and durable, yet should be treated like a ceramic as it can break when dropped on knocked against a hard surface.

  • May contain small holes which will cause the planter to leak when watering. Please do not plant directly into this planter. 


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