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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your resin homewares items food safe? 

The short answer is YES! Our homewares are safe to use for the presentation of cold and dry foods. We do not suggest you use with hot foods or liquids above 50°C

How do I clean your resin homewares items?

Cleaning is super easy just wash in warm soapy water and dry with a clothe. Do not place our resin homewares items in the dishwasher as it may destroy them.

How do I store my resin homewares pieces?

We suggest you store you pieces out of direct sunlight as UV rays can discolour your items and the heat from the sun can also mishap some items. 

Are you resin homewares items safe to use in the microwave of oven? 

No. Please DO NOT place any of our resin items in the microwave or oven. They are no safe to be used in these appliances.

Are your resin homeware items and earrings breakable?

Resin is very strong and durable but should be treated with care. I like to treat them as a ceramic item; if dropped they may break so treat them well.

How do I care for clean my resin and/or clay earrings?

It is best to keep them out of water as the metal findings will tarnish. If you need to clean the surface of any item a baby wipe of damp microfibre clothe is the best option.

Do you take custom orders and how do I go about placing an order for one?

Yes from time to time I do take custom orders depending on my workload at the time. If you are keen to place a custom order please first email me and we can talk.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes I do offer wholesale. Please contact me via email for more details.